Saturday, 20 April 2013

Why should I be an entrepreneur?

Actually, I feel the opener for this blog should read something like, ‘Why shouldn’t I be an entrepreneur?’ This is because all around us, signs and pointers abound which support an entrepreneurial pursuit for everyone. But like you might have noticed, no two persons observing the same event are likely to draw the same conclusions from it; therefore, we will take some time to examine those things that I see as pointers to entrepreneurial pursuit but that you may view otherwise. We will analyze them from the viewpoint of folks still in school, individuals in the ‘job market’ and people working at the moment.
Folks still in school
This demography particularly captures those in secondary and tertiary institutions because for the most part, they are the ones that see their educational activity as a visa to obtaining passage into the job market; primary school students often don’t.
To this group I’d say, ‘Pause and look round; in your assembly halls, cafeterias and amphitheatres. What do you see?’ If you don’t know the answer, I’d tell you. You are surrounded by a sea of students all seeking passage through the job market. One day, just as you are celebrating your graduation, this vast body of students will also be spewed out onto the waiting list area of those seeking jobs. And, we don’t need a HR guru to tell us that there are more job-hunters than there are vacancies, so it is going to be a head-to-head for the few available slots out there; with all kinds of hoops like maximum applicant age and minimum years of experience to jump through.
Now, if your dad is not a successful business owner and your mum is not a well connected socialite, I do not know why you should not be terrified about your options. I am not a scaremonger but if you choose to label me one, I will gladly accept as long as you allow this piece to be your wake-up call that will drag your feet to Planet Earth from the clouds of ‘No-shaking’ that our heads often get stuck in.
Next week, we’d continue by beating some holy fear into the individuals in the job market.


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